Our School’s Mission, Purpose and Values

Our school’s Mission is: To place Christ at the centre of all we do in order to inspire our young people to enable them to ‘have life and have it to the full.’

Our long term vision and objectives for Cardinal Newman Catholic High School are:

• To develop students’ spirituality and morality, founded upon the teachings of the Catholic Church, in order to equip our students to make wise decisions throughout their lives

• To deliver high quality teaching of our aspirational and relevant curriculum to ensure all students make good progress and are able to pursue their future goals as a result

• Develop determined, optimistic students who are ambitious for their futures and have the confidence, knowledge and skills to maximise the opportunities available to them

• Develop emotionally literate, caring young people who are resilient and able to cope with the challenges of life, and support those around them to do the same

• To be a school in which all students make impressive progress, regardless of any barriers to learning, supported by highly effective programmes designed to overcome any obstacles to their success

• A community with high morale, to which all stakeholders are proud to belong

Our School’s Values are: Service, Compassion, Forgiveness and Truth so that ‘Heart speaks to Heart’