Welcome to Pastoral


At Cardinal Newman we are incredibly proud of our pastoral support which is implemented by our outstanding pastoral team. National Award winners as Pastoral Team of the Year in the NAPCE awards 2020 they work tirelessly to ensure students are happy and thriving in our school community. Together they work with the Heads of Year to support our young people as they grow and develop into mature young adults ready to take their next steps. We know at times our students may need some support and this team play a vital role in ensuring the right support is in place. They are approachable, kind, caring and always ready to provide a listening ear.

Meet the Team

Mrs Burn – Mrs Burn is the Assistant Head overseeing years 9 and 11. She also responsible for behaviour and achievement, attendance and is one of our designated safeguarding leads.
Mrs Finn – Mrs Finn is the assistant head overseeing years 7, 8 and 10. She also is responsible for safeguarding, mental health, PSHE, transition and is the designated safeguarding lead.

Miss Jones – Miss Jones is the Head of Year 7

Mr Brophy – Mr Brophy is the Head of Year 8
Mrs Booth – Mrs Booth is the Head of Year 9
Mr Russell – Mr Russell is the Head of Year 10
Mrs Hatton – Mrs Hatton is the Head of Year 11

Miss Charlton – Miss Charlton currently supports year 9. She also oversees our mental health support working with CAMHS, the mental health support team and animal assisted therapist to ensure that students have access to the correct support and that there is a coordinated approach.

Mr Darbyshire – Mr Darbyshire is our Progress Manager. Based in the library he offers support to a wide range of students including pupil premium focusing on progress and mentoring. He also runs the school council and homework club as well as ensuring the library is a hive of activity during break and lunch.

Mrs Dolphin – Mrs Dolphin currently works with Years 7 and 10 and oversees safeguarding. She will work with a range of external agencies to ensure that timely and effective support is in place for families and is a key contact in school should you have any concerns.

Mrs Humphries – Mrs Humphries works with a number of students across all five year groups as our Inclusion Co-ordinator. Offering programmes of support for behaviour, 1-1 sessions for emotional regulation and supporting some of our families most in need during times of crisis she is an integral part of the team.

Mrs James – Mrs James is our school chaplain who provides support across all year groups. Running the chaplaincy team and ensuring our school community is thriving and living out our catholic values Mrs James also provides a listening ear for a number of students who may just need a little extra support.

Mrs Ward - Mrs Ward currently supports years 8 and 11. She works with the attendance team to ensure that students are well supported in maintaining good attendance as well as ensuring that the right support is place if any issues arise.

Pastoral Programmes

Our pastoral team run a number of programmes to support our young people when they might need a helping hand.

Full circle

The full circle programme to available to support those who have experienced a significant loss through the death of a loved one or a family breakdown. This 6 week programme has proven to be very successful and beneficial to a number of students.

Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath is an emotional regulation programme for those who need to understand themselves a little more and learn to manage their emotions. This is offered as a 1-1 session or in small groups with Mrs Humphries. The students who have taken part have enjoyed learning to understand themselves more and celebrate their achievements as they learn to regulate their emotions more effectively.

Be Happy, Be You

This is a programme aimed at helping our young people communicate their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it is difficult to understand and navigate the world around us which can prove to be a confusing/distressing time. This programme aims to help develop the skills to express thoughts and feelings. It is offered as a 1-1 session or small group session with Mrs Humphries.

Keeping Safe

Keeping Safe is a programme designed to support some of our most vulnerable students to help them recognise safe relationships and keep themselves safe both in real life situations and online. This is done in small groups and builds on our relationships and sex education programme.

Inspiring Futures

After the Easter break our first cohort of 15 Year 7 and 8 students will begin the Inspiring Futures programme lead by Warrington Wolves. This a programme aimed at building resilience, leadership and communication skills to help students thrive.


NAPCE National Award – Pastoral Team of the Year 2020