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At Cardinal Newman Catholic High School it is our duty to provide students with high quality, impartial careers advice and guidance as we prepare our young people for their futures in whichever pathway they choose to follow. Students will be aware of the different options that await them whether that be university, employment or further training within apprenticeships or traineeships. Our CEIAG programme is delivered to our students through curriculum time. They have designated and targeted careers sessions throughout their time at Cardinal Newman and it’s our mission to ensure that high quality careers education is available to and accessed by all students throughout the year.
Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Programmes make a significant contribution to preparing young people for opportunities, responsibilities and experience of life.  In particular, they help young people make decisions and manage the transition from learners to workers.  It is essential that all learners have the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices and our careers offering allows students to put together the pieces of their future puzzle.

Statement for Students

All learners at Cardinal Newman Catholic High School will take part in a careers programme in years 7-11 that helps them to:

  • Understand options available to them post 16 and beyond.
  • Develop the skills they need to plan and manage their career progression
  • Access relevant information and learning from taster activities and experience of work/college/ university

As a result, they will:

  • Develop positive attitudes and enquiring minds towards study and work
  • Be able to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses and realise how to build on their strengths and develop their weaknesses
  • Be able to evaluate their own likes and dislikes and see themselves as individuals who have their own progression path
  • Be fully engaged in their careers education and take an active role in their own career planning
  • Be motivated and enthused so that they can realise their full potential
  • Leave Cardinal Newman High School with a range of transferable skills that will enable them to be successful in their future career planning (e.g. pupils will be taught how to piece together a current CV that they have planned and developed themselves; they will know how and where to access websites and information about future career paths and choices; they will know what is expected of them in an interview situation)
  • Understand opportunities at key transition points (such as leaving school, college life and beyond post 16)
  • They will have the confidence to make effective and appropriate decisions at these transition points and put these decisions into action
  • Be able to access clear, relevant and impartial careers information, advice and guidance appropriate to their personal needs throughout their time with us
  • Be able to achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives

Students will have access to careers guidance and advice that is:

  • Relevant to them, personalised to meet their own personal development needs and allows them to be inspired and motivated to be the best version of them
  • Comprehensive. It will give students details of all progression routes and opportunities and they will be supported to make their dreams a reality
  • Impartial advice that allows the student to gain the insight they need to make the best decisions for their future
  • Tailored to individual needs
  • Supportive of equal opportunities
  • Provided by people with relevant training and expertise

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Parents and Carers

As parents and carers you play a vital part in ensuring your child gains the best information, advice and guidance to prepare them for life once they leave CNCHS. Therefore, this website should provide you with all the information you need to help support you as you support your child in making positive decisions for the future. The website tabs are designed to help you have a better understanding of the routes of study available, changes in the Labour Market, the education providers that are available in and around our area so that we can work as a partnership to help your child develop a successful career.
Please browse the website for information on apprenticeships, post-16 providers, key dates and a wealth of careers resources to keep you and your child up to speed. We have plenty of information, prospectuses and resources to help you create a CV and prepare for job or college interviews, so please feel free to contact the designated CEIAG to find out more.

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