Our School Council

School Council is an integral part of the school community, supporting the Catholic Ethos and fundamental British Values. The School Council ensures that all pupils within the school have a voice that is listened to, and allows them to demonstrate how democracy works by actively promoting democratic processes such as, a School Council whose members are voted for by the pupils.

It also gives pupils an understanding that the freedom to choose and hold other faiths and beliefs is protected by law as-well as an understanding of the importance of identifying and combatting discrimination. It allows pupils to have an acceptance that other people having different faiths or beliefs to oneself, (or having none) should be accepted and tolerated, and should not be the cause of prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour.

The School Council at Cardinal Newman meets about once a month and begins the meeting with a prayer. The agenda is then addressed and led through by the elected Chair Person. The points are raised and discussed democratically and often a vote takes place to find the outcome of the matter. Minutes are kept for each meeting, so there is evidence of what is discussed. The minutes are fed back via our School Council board and the TV’s around school; aswell as on the School Website. The School Council has supported and is supporting various charities in school, through various fundraising events, up-holding the true traditions and values of Catholic Ethos and British Values.

School Council Chair - Cerys Holt

Hello, my name is Cerys Holt and I am the Head Chair at Cardinal Newman High School. I ensure the meetings are ran smoothly and the Agenda for the meeting is set. I've been on the School Council since Year 7 and have helped with interviews for new staff including our new Head Teacher.

Deputy Chair - Carys Herbert Johnson

Hi my name is Carys and I am Deputy Chair of Cardinal Newman School Council, this means I assist Cerys with the running of the School Council and step in for her when she is busy. I an also involved with the Eco-Warriors which I helped set up in school to help keep our school community environmentally friendly. Speak to me to see what else we've done.

Secretary - Hannah Whitehead

Hi my name is Hannah and I represent Year 9 and am also the Secretary. My job involves taking the minuets of the meetings, typing them up and setting up the agenda for the next meeting. I am looking forward to hearing your views.

Recruitment Manager - Sophie Sigsworth

Hi I'm Sophie and I am your Year 10 representative, as-well as being the Recruitment Officer. The role of Recruitment Officer means that I am involved with staff interviews and pupil interviews. I want to ensure the students of Cardinal Newman have the best people in the job.

ICT Manager Jude Anjith

I am your representative for Year 8, and I am also ICT Manager along with Jess. My role involves working closely with Mr Mercer and ensuring the Website is updated along with our notice board. I think it's extremely important that Year 8 have a voice and I am that voice.

ICT Manager - Jess Robertson

I am your reprehensive for Year 10 so please come along and share any ideas you have about improving our school, you can usually find me in the library of a morning. I also work with Jude helping him with the Web-page and updating our School Council board. I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Canteen/Events Manager - Callum Jake Armstrong

I am your representative for Year 9 as-well as being your Canteen/Events Manager. I hear you ask what does that involve? Well let me tell you. I am responsible for decisions that are made regarding food in the canteen along with coordinating any events School Council organise. Please come and tell me about your views on the Canteen food.

Canteen/Events Manager & Attendance Officer - Francessca Roskell

Hello, Franchesca here and I am your representative in Year 8, this is my first year on School Council but I'm here to listen to your views and impress. I will also be organising events to raise money for the school and listening to your views about the canteen. You will also be seeing me in assemblies as I am also holding the role as Attendance Officer.

Attendance Officer - Joe Griffith

Hi Joe here, I am your Year 8 representative and also a Attendance Officer. You will see me popping up in assemblies promoting attendance, I'm also here to listen to your views on the school.

School Councillor - Tom Shaw

I am Tom your Year 11 school representative and I'm here to listen to your views and pass them on to the Senior Leadership Team. I've been a School Councillor since Year 7 and can offer knowledge and expertise. My main aim is to ensure that Cardinal Newman students enjoy their time at school and have a happy learning environment.

School Councillor - Natasha Stacey
Hi Natasha here, I've been a School Councillor since Year 7 and have taken part in some key decisions. I have been Recruitment Manager and helped the school in making teaching appointments, I've also helped in the decision making of roles for students within school. I am here to listen.

School Councillor - Cerys Davies

Hello, my name is Cerys and I've been on the School Council since Year 7. I've been Deputy Chair so I have good knowledge in the running of School Council. I think that it's so important to have a student voice in school, a forum to share everyone's ideas. Please come and speak to me and I can voice your opinion.