Our School Council

School Council is an integral part of the school community, supporting the Catholic Ethos and fundamental British Values. The School Council ensures that all pupils within the school have a voice that is listened to, and allows them to demonstrate how democracy works by actively promoting democratic processes such as, a School Council whose members are voted for by the pupils.

It also gives pupils an understanding that the freedom to choose and hold other faiths and beliefs is protected by law as-well as an understanding of the importance of identifying and combatting discrimination. It allows pupils to have an acceptance that other people having different faiths or beliefs to oneself, (or having none) should be accepted and tolerated, and should not be the cause of prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour.

The School Council at Cardinal Newman meets about once a month and begins the meeting with a prayer. The agenda is then addressed and led through by the elected Chair Person. The points are raised and discussed democratically and often a vote takes place to find the outcome of the matter. Minutes are kept for each meeting, so there is evidence of what is discussed. The minutes are fed back via our School Council board and the TV’s around school; aswell as on the School Website. The School Council has supported and is supporting various charities in school, through various fundraising events, up-holding the true traditions and values of Catholic Ethos and British Values.

Chair - Heidi Morgan Year 9
Hi, my name is Heidi, and I am the Chair of the School Council. I ensure that the School Council runs smoothly, by taking charge of the meetings. It's so important that students here at Cardinal Newman have a voice. So please share your ideas with your School Council representative. 


Deputy Chair - Francescca Roskell Year 10
I've been on the School Council since Year Seven, so I bring experience and knowledge, I am also the current Head Librarian so I can work closely with the library to share ideas. As Deputy I'm here to support Heidi and in her absence run meetings. Please come and speak to me with ideas.


Secretary/Treasurer - Lucy Tickle Year 10
Hello, my name is Lucy Tickle, and I am a Year Ten representative for the School Council. I'm new to the role this year but am excited about supporting your ideas after you voted me into the post. I am also the Secretary and Treasurer so I will be taking minutes of the meeting, which you can find on our School Council board on the main corridor, as-well as looking after finances. 


Recruitment Manager - Christian Ledden Year 8
I'm passionate about the School Council and students being able to share their ideas, so please come and share them with me. My role within the School Council is a really interesting one, I am Recruitment Manager. This means when the school is taking on staff, I'm involved with the interview process to ensure our school gets the best staff for our learning. 


Canteen Co-ordinator - Nikola Oszczpko - Year 9
Hello, my name is Nikola Oszczypko and I am the representative for Year nine . If you have any issues, then please come and speak to me. I want to ensure that all students are comfortable with their environment. I am also the Canteen Co-ordinator, so I work closely with Carol and her kitchen staff to ensure you get the best food and service. If you have any questions or ideas around this, please come and speak to me.


Eco-Warrior Manager - Nevan Sherratt Year 8
I'm Nevan and I'm your Year Eight School Councillor, I'm looking forward to listening to your views and ideas and putting them forward at our meetings to make Cardinal Newman High School a place where students are listened to. I'm also the Eco Warrior Manager on the School Council, so as an Eco Warrior I can bring the ideas we discuss to the School Council, so we have a platform. It's important that we look after our environment, and any ideas you have on this please come and discuss with me.

Events Manager - Quinn Earley Year 9
My name is Quinn, as-well as being your representative for Year nine, I'm also the Events Manager on the School Council, so any ideas regarding events come to me so we can discuss them at the meeting. This could involve fund raising, or sports day. If you have ideas come and chat to me.


ICT/Web Co-ordinator Jude Anjith Year 10
Hello, I'm Jude and I'm one of your Year Ten School Councillors, I've been involved with the School Council now for the past three years. It's fantastic as we can take your ideas and views and share them with our Head Teacher Ms Langstaff, she knows the importance of a happy and positive school, so she wants to be able to hear your student voice, because if your heard, your happy. I'm also the ICT/Web Co-ordinator so am responsible for this page.


School Councillor - Tom Kane Year 8
Hello. I’m Tom and I represent year 8, I have been on the school council since year seven. I like to think of myself as approachable so please come and speak to me about what you'd like to see changed in school. We value your ideas and want to see them make positive changes in our school.

School Councillor - Isla Stabbins
My name is Isla, and I am one of your year 7 representatives.  I want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to work together to improve our school and to have their say in how that's done. If there is anything on your mind you'd like to see changed, come and let me know. 

School Councillor - Euan Gardner

I'm Euan Gardner, your year 7 school council representative and I'm here to listen to your views and use them to help make some key decisions. My aim is to ensure all students are happy and fulfilled at school and the learning environment is positive and full of opportunities.

School Councillor - Jasmine Piekacz
Hello, my name is Jasmine and I'm one of your Year Seven representatives. I was voted by my year group democratically to listen to your views and put them forward at our meetings. I want our school to be the best and for that to happen you need to be happy. Please come and share your ideas with me.