Our School Curriculum

Our Intent

At Cardinal Newman our mission is to equip our students so that they may have 'life, and have it to the full.' (John 10:10) We aim to transform their life chances, so that each student is equipped to contribute positively to society and succeed in all senses of that word. For this reason, our curriculum is fundamentally values based but also ensures that, in keeping with the mission of all Catholic Schools, the curriculum we provide leads to outcomes at least as strong as those in other schools in the area. We achieve this through ensuring that the curriculum, both within the classroom, and in its wider sense, is designed to awaken curiosity in our students about the world around them, delivered in a motivational and engaging way that is inclusive and accessible to all.

Our academic curriculum consists of a 3 year Key Stage 3, and a 2 year Key Stage 4, with students taking their options in Year 9. This ensures that our students' experience of learning is a broad one. Within each subject area, however, curriculum planning ensures that students' experience of each subject is wide, but learning is spiralised throughout their 5 years, revisiting prior knowledge and constantly developing and deepening students' understanding of key concepts. Expectations are rigorous, regardless of ability, whilst courses available at Key Stage 4 are varied and therefore relevant to all. The curriculum is ambitious and provides a high level challenge to all learners. We aim to inspire the same ambition in them, so that they are ready for the next stage of their life, are aspirational and leave us well prepared for their futures.