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Cardinal Newman Catholic High School Curriculum Overview
GCSE Qualification
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11



  • The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain


  • Britain in 1500-1700.
  • The Tudor period


  • The 20th Century word
  • The First World War


  • Conflict and Tension 1894-1918
  • Causes of the First World War
  • The First World War stalemate


  • 2A Britain: Health and the people, c1000 to the present day, thematic study
  • Medicine stands still continued
  • Parts 2, 3 & 4 interleave in how they are taught, the areas of focus
  • Disease/Surgery/Public Health
  • Part two: the beginnings of change
  • Part three: a revolution in medicine
  • Part four: Modern medicine



  • Medieval Period:
  • War and conflict in the Medieval period


  • The Stuart period and the English Civil War
  • The Hanoverian succession and the creation of the United Kingdom
  • The rise of dictatorships in the inter war period
  • The causes of WWII
  • Ending the war
  • Germany 1890-1945 – Democracy and dictatorship
  • Germany and the growth of democracy
  • Germany and the Depression


  • Medieval England: the reign of Edward 1 – 1272-1307
  • Part 1 – Government, the rights of King and people.
  • Part 2 – Life in Medieval England
  • Part 3 – Edwards 1’s military campaigns in Wales and Scotland



  • Problems facing medieval kings and a brief depth study of Health & Medicine in the Medieval times
  • In what ways did Britain change 1750-1900?
  • British empire and its role in the transatlantic slave trade
  • Why did Britain and its allies win WWII
  • The Holocaust
  • The experiences of Germans under the Nazis
  • Britain – Health and the people, c1000 to the present day
  • Medicine stands still






Mr Russell (Head of Department)
Miss Faulder