Growth Mindset

What are Mindsets?

What makes you? Your mind? Your genes? - A mindset is simply a belief about yourself andyour qualities such as your ability, faith, personality and talents. In school pupils will learn how to develop a growth mindset. People with these mindsets believe that these qualities are growable and can flourish in certain circumstances. If you have a growth mindset you will seek out challenges and other opportunities to learn. You will show resilience, creativity and therefore become a better learner.

Pupils in Y8 - Y11 have already come up with some fantastic ideas for this new project in school including slogans and logos. Students will also learn more about mindsets and how to challenge themselves in PSHE and through lessons.

Some of the most successful people have faced challenge and have overcome it. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team; Albert Einstein was told "He would never amount to much".

Remember FAIL - First Attempt In Learning.