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Healthy Eating

Cardinal Newman is commetted to improving the eating habits of our students and have devised comprehensive daily menus which provide a healthy, balanced diet, high in vitamins and minerals which completely eliminates fatty processed foods.

We aim to provide pupils with a healthy balanced meal that will give them energy, vitamins and minerals they need to learn. We also teach pupils skills in diet, nutrition, practical food preparation and cooking to ensure they make the right choices throughout life.

Students have a choice of three hot meals a day, together with salads, fruit, homemade cakes or a hot pudding. They may also choose an alternative meal of jacket potatoes with tasty hot or cold fillings. A new healthier range of sandwiches, baguettes and wraps have been introduced which can be bought as a package with soup or salad bowls and we are now offering a greater variety of healthy desserts such as fresh fruit pots and fruit yoghurts. As part of Cardinal Newman’s commitment to improving the school diet, chips will only be served once a week!

Although there is a set price for the daily menu, other food items are priced individually. Students can purchase a complete meal with any dish of the day, a pudding or cake and a drink for £1.95 which represents very good value and is the equivalent value of a free school meal token. We therefore suggest that students bring a minimum of £1.80 per day to purchase their lunch.

In September 2005 Cardinal Newman Catholic High School launched its Healthy Eating Scheme, ahead of Government recommendations. The old style cafeteria was replaced with healthy meal options. We provide school lunches that are free from low quality meat products, fizzy drinks and crisps. High quality meat, poultry or fish is available on a regular basis. Pupils are served a minimum of two portions of fruit and vegetables with every meal and the calorific salt and fat content of every meal is displayed, helping students and staff to make an informed choice.

At breaktime, students can choose from a range of healthy snacks such as fruit, toast, bagels, crumpets, milk, water or juice.

We also run a breakfast club in the dining room from 8:15am so that all pupils can have a healthy start to the day

We have just refurbished our dining room facilities to establish a friendly cafe type environment