What is Enterprise Education?

Enterprise education is a statutory entitlement at Key Stage 4 to support students in developing a better financial awareness, an understanding of business and to equip them with the skills necessary to succeed in the world of work.

Enterprise education is split into three clear strands.

Developing Enterprise Capabilities

Enterprise capabilities are important in all areas of life and are often referred to as employability skills. Students need to have:

  • Knowledge of key concepts e.g. innovation, risk, planning and creativity.
  • Skills e.g. decision making, leadership, presentational, problem solving and goal setting.
  • Characteristics e.g. self-reliance, competitiveness, initiative and resourcefulness.

Financial Literacy

Pupils need to have an understanding of money management and be aware of the different financial services that are available and the risk associated with some aspects of financial management. Topics include: investment, money, credit, currency, budgeting, financial planning, personal risk management and taking responsibility for the impact of financial decisions.

Economic & Business Understanding

Pupils need to have a clear understanding of how businesses operate and have an awareness of common business terms e.g. market, competition, price, efficiency and economic growth. They also need to have an ability to make decisions in a business context and work together as a team in a business environment.

How is Enterprise Education delivered?

All pupils will have the opportunity to experience Enterprise education in a variety of different ways enterprise education is taught every day in many lessons and contexts whether it's during PE in a team sport, in technology planning and making a CD rack, or in a Maths Lesson learning about currency and interest on bank accounts.

In Key Stage 3, all pupils are taught Financial Literacy in PSHE lessons. In Key Stage 4, pupils take part in three Enterprise Days where everyone is expected to work together as a team, taking on roles and responsibilities within a business environment and working to achieve a common goal. In Key Stage 4, pupils also learn about Financial Literacy in PSHE lessons. All the school takes part in Enterprise Week where each curriculum area delivers lessons with a particular enterprise focus e.g. communication, teamwork or problem solving.